Taglog Internationalisation

Taglog has an entry under File/Preferences which allows a user to specify their preferred language. This document explains what lies behind this, so that you can add support for another language, and have it added to the main distribution.


LanguageHelp fileMessage Catalogue
DeutschComplete (by native speaker)Complete (by native speaker
Francaisnot yetPartial (by non-native speaker and machine translation)

Help files

Taglog has online help from most screens and menu buttons. This is implemented by calling the routine "taghelp help-id". This looks up help-id in taglog_help_language.tag where language is a two character language code which should match the value of the language variable set in Preferences.

To create a new taglog_help_language.tag file first copy taglog_help_en.tag to the new file, and then edit the sections between

Description:: END_D

Note that the UNKNOWN entry is output when the help system can not find an entry for a particular help-id.

The current version of the program is substituted for $1 in the About entry. Further entries with variable text may appear in the future.

Message catalogs

Much of the text in taglog (menu buttons etc) is passed through the TCL msgcat system before it is output. Translations for these messages are held in files called language.msg, for example de.msg for Deutsch.

The file for the language set in File/Preferences is read in when the program starts. To change the language used for the messages catalog you have to restart the program.

The message cataglog for a particular language can have comment lines starting with a # character, followed by a line which reads

namespace import -force msgcat::mcset
This is followed by lots of lines of the form
msgcat language EnglishText TranslatedText
for example
msgcat de Help Hilfe

Note that while the bulk of the program text is output through the message catalog there are still some bits which are not.

Web pages and other documentation

I would welcome assistance in translating the taglog web pages into other languages. At present I have only brief descriptions (taken from the Debian package description translations) of the program in:
Deutsch Italiano
and based on Google translations in:
Français Español Português
Put together from bits and pieces Gymraeg Nederlands
Author: John Lines john+taglog@paladyn.org