Taglog for lawyers

First a disclaimer.

Please note that Taglog is Free Software, make available for your use at your own risk under the terms of the GNU Public License. If you are concernedabout having someone carry the liability for the program you are free to hire a software consultant to customise the program to your requirements. You should ask them to review the proper functioning of the program in the areas in which you use it. If they find any bugs they should report them back to me.

Having got that out of the way - what are the areas where you might want to use Taglog ?

Client time recording

Set up each client as a Project, and when you are doing work for them switch to their 'clock'. If they phone you then use the facility to right click on Next when the phone rings to mark the Activity as an incomming phone call. If you ring them then you can similarly mark the activity as an outoing phone call. If you make notes of the conversations then you can use the log searching facilites to check, for example what you said to them on any particular date. You may wish to make paper notes, and then edit the entry afterwards.

Client action management

You can use the actions facility to keep track of all the things which will need to be done for a particular client, those which you are actively working on and those which you have completed.

Client communications

If you add the client as a Contact, and they have email, then you can arrange for the client to be automatically kept up to date with your progress on their work by setting up actions with client address set up in the Email-status-to field of the action.