Time Management Resources


There are a large number of programs available which cover some aspect of Time Management - I cover some of the Free Software ones here.

Note that I am the author of one of the these programs ( TagLog) , but with Free Software there is no advantage to me in whether you decide to use it, or some other package.

Free Software projects are often differentiated by different design goals, so programs which may seem to perform a similar function are not nescessarily in competition - for example Apache and thttpd both serve web pages, but one is targeted at flexibility and the other at small size. Thus while I describe things below as strengths or weaknesses for simplicity it would be more accurate to describe them as design goals and non-goals.


My own program - keeps an electronic log of what you did, and allows you to analyse it in various ways.




Gtimer is a task timer and report generator, with a Gnome interface.




TimeSleuth is a time tracking application for Linux PDAs, such as the Sharp Zaurus.

Web pages

There are a number of pages about Time Management scattered around the web, these are just a few of the ones I have encountered.

Project Management & Bug Tracking for Linux

Links to many Bug Tracking projects for Linux, and some Time Management projects.

Linuxlinks ProductivityTools Timers section

Links to a comprehensive list of timer programs available under Linux

Other links

The Myers & Briggs Foundation

The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator test lets you work out which of 16 personality types you are. All have their own strengths and weaknesses, and if you know what type of person you are it can help you to know where to look for time management problems.
Author: John Lines john+taglog@paladyn.org