Taglog for Teachers

Teachers, in the UK at least, face a avalanche of paperwork in addition to their activities directly related to the curriculum. While taglog can not do much to assist teachers in the classroom it may be useful in planning and recording non contact time. Future developments may be useful to help with the lesson planning and assessment. It can also be used to record the split of non contact time accross subject areas, for example by teachers who have a responsibility for a subject, or for Special Needs provision.

You could use Taglog's contacts facility to keep a class list, and use that to keep track of actions related to specific pupils. A future facility will let you import and export contacts from Outlook or other email systems which use the vCard format, and you could use that to make a class mailing list.

Coming to this page will be instructions on how to extract portions of your class list to other programs and print them - for example as a list of people going on a trip.