Tag Logging Program

Where does the time go ?

What are my priority jobs for today ?

How can I spend less time on routine adminstrative tasks ?

Taglog is written to answer these questions.

What is taglog?

The current version is 0.2.7

Taglog provides an electronic workbook, combining logging of time to projects with keeping a detailed diary of what you actually do. Individual work elements can be tagged by project, allowing you to produce, for example, a record of work on one particular project, even if your time is spread across a number of projects.

Work items can also be tagged by activity type - for example meeting, phone, programming etc - allowing you to analyse where your time is going by activity. Note that this activity type is orthogonal to the project axis, so that - for example - user support would be a project - in the larger sense WHAT you are doing - and phone calls to users - HOW you are doing it - would be the activity type.


This shot shows the main window, plus an action being added and a new project (bookable entity) being added. Screenshot

Downloading and Installing

The current version of the software is available at the Github release page for taglog

Look here for the latest changes

Taglog is what is known as Free Software, or Open Source.

Taglog is written in the TCL scripting language, which is available for Unix, Windows and Macintosh systems. See http://www.tcl.tk - the TCL developer Exchange for more information - including downloading TCL for free.

Taglog is in regular use on Unix (Linux and Solaris) and Windows systems.

The installation instructions are included with the distribution, but are available here for convenience.

Windows users will need a program, such as Powerarchiver or pkzip to unpack the distribution. Alternatively you could install Cygwin which gives you many powerful Unix tools for free on your Windows PC.

The Tutorial

You may wish to read a taglog tutorial (which is included in the documentation in the distribution) before you download.


You can find descriptions of how various kinds of people might use taglog by following these links. Note that these are just examples to draw out particular facilities of the program

Developer information

Patches and suggestions are welcomed. Please bear in mind that taglog is targetted at a range of platforms and TCL versions. The internal structure is not fully stable, so there is not much developer documentation yet, though there is a Unix manual page for the main tag.tcl package.

If you are not a TCL programmer, but can write in a language for which taglog internationalisation is not yet available you can still help, as described in the Internationalisation Guide or translating this page, or the tutorial

Further information

The log file format for taglog, and the file format for its actions files are described in the tag-types home page

Other links can be found in the Time Management Resources page.


Taglog is now a project on Github - to allow use of its code management and bug tracking facilities, and you can obtain the releases from there as well.
Author: John Lines john+taglog@paladyn.org